Ion Effect Computer

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Ion Effect Computer
Ion Effect Computer.png
TypeIon Effect Computer
Hit Points50
Armor HP0
Structure HP75
Data Value (ID)466

Ion Effect Computers are the controller computer for Ion Effect systems. This effect system can be slaved to a weapon system to deal additional Shield damage at the cost of dealing less Block damage. At maximum effect, the weapon deals double damage to shields, but zero to blocks.

When used defensively, Ion systems act as 'armor' for your Shields, reducing damage taken by up to 60%.

Connecting more modules to the computer will increase the potency of the desired effect.

See Effects and Tertiary Systems for more information.


Primary Computer Module
Ion Effect Computer Ion Effect Module
Ion Effect Computer.png Ion Effect Module.png

Ion Effect Modules much like any other enhancer module are designed to increase the power and effectiveness of its associated system. As an effect system this module will have differing effects depending on whether or not the effect computer is connected to a weapon system.

Offensively: Ion weapons, at 100% effect, deal double their normal damage to shields, with the trade-off of dealing zero damage to blocks. Thus, they make excellent 'opening volley' weapons to break shields for more conventional weapons. They pair well with Piercing weapons, which do no damage to shields.

Alternatively, you may use a less-than-100% effect Ion weapon to deal improved damage to shields and still deal some damage to blocks. Advanced users may consider having an Ion and Piercing system ready to switch in-and-out mid-combat to keep your primary weapon effective throughout the fight, or simply un-slot the Ion effect when the enemy shields are down.

Defensively: Decreases the amount of Shield damage you receive. The effect 'caps' at 60% damage reduction, effectively more than doubling your Shield's strength. As your Shield strength is greatly improved without having literally more HP, this effectively makes your Shield-Rechargers much more effective as well. Defensive Ion systems do, however, require quite a few blocks to reach this maximum effectiveness, but their value on medium and large ships is immense.

While the effect is passive, remember to add it to your hotbar and turn it on before combat begins!


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Hylat Capsule
Hylat Capsule.png Ion Effect Computer
Ion Effect Computer.png
Varat Capsule
Varat Capsule.png