Explosive Effect Computer

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Explosive Effect Computer
Explosive Effect Computer.png
Hit Points50
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)420

Explosive Effect Computers are the controller computer for Explosive Effect systems. The functionality of this system changes depending on whether or not it is linked to a weapon system. If it is slaved to a weapon system it adds an area-of-effect to the weapon, increasing the amount of blocks that can be damaged at once. If not then it can be used to give an entity a defense against any of the momentum effects (Push, Pull, Stop effects)

See Effects and Tertiary Systems for more information.


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Jisper Capsule
Jisper Capsule.png Explosive Effect Computer
Explosive Effect Computer.png
Sintyr Capsule
Sintyr Capsule.png


Primary Module
Explosive Effect Module
Explosive Effect Module.png
System Properties
Offensive Effect Defensive Effect
Adds Area-of-Effect
damage to weapons
Adds momentum
defense to entity

Place this module on a structure and connect it to its appropriate computer to either enable that system or enhance an existing one.

Explosive Effect Modules much like any other enhancer module are designed to increase the power and effectiveness of its associated system. As an effect system this module will have differing effects depending on whether or not the effect computer is connected to a weapon system.

Offensive Effect

For Damage beams and Cannons an explosive effect is added. The damage dealt to the hit block is halved, with the other 50% of the damage spread over the six adjacent blocks. Damage to non-existent blocks is lost. This lowers the overall damage, since in most cases hit blocks are surrounded by less than six blocks. If a cannon projectile hits multiple blocks due to its inherent punch-through ability, an explosion is added to each hit. For beams, however, the explosive effect is only added to the first hit block, but not to further blocks hit by their innate piercing ability. The damage to directly hit blocks is halved for the entire beam (at maximum effect), though, so the total damage is heavily reduced.

  • Note that the effect for beams and cannons is currently capped at 10%. This means that the explosion radius is limited to one. Also, adding more than 10% effect blocks even reduces the explosion damage, since the damage, that would have been dealt to blocks further away is lost due to the cap. Less than 10%, on the other hand, has no effect at all.
  • Note that the reduction of the regular non-explosive damage also reduces the penetration depth. Currently, the unmodified, incorrect values are listed in-game. However, the penetration of cannons can be even higher than without any effect, if the explosion damage is big enough to destroy blocks ahead of hit blocks.

For Missiles and Pulses the radius of the blast is increased by up to 10 meters, at 100% effect.

Explosive weapons are very useful for gutting the systems of a ship whose shields and armor have already been broken. High-power explosive missiles, for example, can obliterate huge chunks of systems with a single blast, and (when limited to 10%) Beams and Cannons can make excellent use of the effect as well.

Defensive Effect

When used at 100% effect, this system usually* makes you immune to the effects of Push, Pull, and Stop weapons. As these weapon types are often used to defend against Kamikaze attacks and/or Warhead torpedoes, you may consider using the system on these type of ships/weapons.

  • This effect is currently (as of this writing) bugged. [1]



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