Pull Effect Computer

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Pull Effect Computer
Pull Effect Computer.png
Hit Points50
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)464

Pull Effect Computers are the controller computer for Pull Effect systems. The functionality of this system changes depending on whether or not it is linked to a weapon system. If it is slaved to a weapon system it converts weapon damage to pull momentum, pulling targets toward the attacker. If not then it can be used to apply a sudden reverse thrust to ships.

See Effects and Tertiary Systems for more information.


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Zercaner Capsule
Zercaner Capsule.png Pull Effect Computer
Pull Effect Computer.png
Mattise Capsule
Mattise Capsule.png


Primary Module
Pull Effect Module
Pull Effect Module.png
System Properties
Offensive Effect Defensive Effect
Adds Pull momentum
effect to weapons
Applies Reverse
thrust to a ship

Place this module on a structure and connect it to its appropriate computer to either enable that system or enhance an existing one.

Offensive Effect


Defensive Effect



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