Player Stations

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Player Stations are Space Stations that are owned by players. Space stations provide a wide array of benefits which are not available to ships.


Stations offer a number of benefits not available to ships, primarily in that the blocks listed below may be placed on a station. Stations may also be claimed by a faction as their homebase, rendering that station invulnerable, as well as any entity docked to the station. Homebase locations are, however, publicly listed, and this should be kept in mind. A summary of the key functions offered by station-only blocks is as follows:

  • Long-distance transportation via Warp Gates.
  • Production of blocks by refining raw resources into capsules, and combining these to make blocks.
  • Providing secure and practical respawn points for friendly players using Undeathinators
  • Trading with players and NPC factions using a Shop Module.
  • Constructing, repairing, and disassembling ships using Shipyards.
Space Station Only Blocks
Advanced FactoryAdvanced Factory.png Basic FactoryBasic Factory.png Capsule RefineryCapsule Refinery.png Factory EnhancerFactory Enhancer.png Micro AssemblerMicro Assembler.png
Plex LiftPlex Lift.png Race Gate ControllerRace Gate Controller.png Race Gate ModuleRace Gate Module.png Shipyard ComputerShipyard Computer.png Shipyard Core AnchorShipyard Core Anchor.png
Shipyard ModuleShipyard Module.png Shop ModuleShop Module.png UndeathinatorUndeathinator.png Warp Gate ComputerWarp Gate Computer.png Warp Gate ModuleWarp Gate Module.png

Station Acquisition

In most cases, a player will wish to build a station from scratch to suit their needs; this process is detailed directly below. However, a number of existing stations in the universe are "derelict": abandoned by whatever entity may have owned them, and claimable by a player, if they can afford the refurbishment fee. The process of claiming a derelict station is detailed below the relevant heading.

Station Construction

The hotkey to spawn a station is P. Spawning a station costs 50,000 credits by default, and causes a single block of Grey Standard Armor to appear near the player. This is the "center" of the station, and is where the navigation diamond for the station will always appear. A station's Y-axis will always be aligned with the axis of the player who spawned it: therefore, care should be taken that the player spawning a station is not at an unnatural angle. Pressing Space while aiming into empty space will ensure that the player is aligned to the galactic normal, and therefore that the station is too.

In almost all circumstances, one or more Undeathinators should be placed somewhere on the station. Pressing R on an Undeathinator sets the space above that block as the activating player's respawn coordinates. This ensures that players can respawn in a familiar and safe location, rather than a public or default spawn point which is potentially a great distance from a friendly station.

If the station is to be used for trading purposes, a Shop Module is necessary to enable such functionality; only one may be placed per station.

Faction Ownership

A Faction Module should be added to the new station promptly, to prevent tampering and ensure it is not damaged. After placing it, pressing R on it will open its interface: to claim the station as a homebase, press "Enter Faction Signature", followed by "Make Faction Home" (Note that a faction may have only one homebase at a time). Pressing "Claim System" also claims the local star system for the station's faction (if the system is unclaimed), which will confer a bonus to mining effectiveness, and warn faction members when any player enters the system.

Claiming a Derelict Station

Derelict stations commonly feature the word "Derelict" in their names, but not always. All derelict stations, however, have "(decayed)" appended to their name strings.

Derelict stations may be modified just like any other station, but there is a key difference: their decayed nature means that any block removed from them, including new blocks placed by the player, will only drop either Scrap Alloy or Scrap Composite, not the block itself. This effect remains in place until such time as the station is "refurbished" by pressing P on any block of the station.

Refurbishing a station only causes blocks to drop instead of scrap, it will not repair or alter the station in any other way. The process costs an amount of credits equal to the total value of every block on the derelict station (based on the values set in BlockConfig.xml, not their current value to NPC shops in-game). A useful strategy to reduce refurbishment cost is to remove blocks which will not be desired later, especially if they are expensive blocks such as Advanced Armor or system modules.

As with stations constructed from scratch, utilizing a Faction Module to protect the station is advisable.

Station Refurbishment Costs
Station Name Cost (credits)
Derelict Alpha 26,106,063
Derelict Beta 51,692,930
Derelict Gamma 17,940,725
Derelict Delta 80,757,114
Derelict Eta 1,310,472,102