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Fleets are collections of ships either player or NPC made. They can be created to do a many tasks from attacking/defending sectors and mining asteroids.


Fleets are groups of ships that can be assigned to do various tasks automatically. Fleets can be created through the use of theFleet Menu. Players can create an unlimited number of fleets and each can contain an infinite number of ships. Any ship, even a ship not in your faction, is eligible to join a fleet. Once formed a fleet will follow any command given to it by the player. Fleets made by one player are not shared to any other players.


The fleet menu can be opened by pressing K (or opening it at the top right of the inventory menu) There are 13 orders you can give a fleet.

Idle: The fleet stays put. This is the default state of a fleet.

Move: The fleet moves to a specified sector.

Attack Sector: The fleet attacks a specified sector. This can only be used on loaded sectors.

Defend Sector: The fleet defends a specified sector. The fleet will chase any hostile entities up to two sectors away. This can only be used on loaded sectors.

Sentry: Much like the standard BOBBY AI ship, the fleet will attack any hostile entities.

Idle in Formation: The fleet follows the flagship in a straight line formation.

Sentry Formation: The fleet follows the flagship in a straight line formation until a hostile entity enters the sector. (Supposedly) The fleet will then break formation and attack the hostile entity until it is not in range or destroyed.

Carrier Recall: The fleet will (if possible) return to it's last docking point, designated after the ship has been manually docked. Each ship can have its own docking point or may use one docking point for some/all ships.

Mine this Sector: If the fleet has the ability to mine, it will start mining all asteroids in the sector. For the mining ships to work, the salvage computer has to be connected to a storage block, otherwise they will not work. They will also not mine if that storage block is full.

Fleet cloak: all ships with cloaking capabilities will immediately activate the cloaking ability of their stealth drive, making them invisible.

Fleet uncloak: all ships with cloaking capabilities that are cloaking (either through player actions or the Fleet Cloak command) will uncloak and reappear.

Fleet jam: all ships with jamming capabilities will activate radar jam and hide their signatures.

Fleet unjam: all ships with jamming capabilities that are jamming radars (either through player actions or the Fleet jam command) will disable their radar jammer, allowing their signature markers to reappear.


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