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The Player is the one playing StarMade. In lore we are referred to as Citizens.


Players of StarMade upon entering the universe will assume control of a Human(or Humanoid being?) which acts as our own personal avatar in game. Our avatars stand 1.7 meters tall and are roughly 0.7 meters wide and are capable of a wide range of abilities. By default all players will start off with the Dave skin but can apply their own custom made skins in the options menu.

Players are not invincible and have a finite amount of health. Our avatars only have 120 HP while NPCs have upwards 300 HP making them considerably more resilient. If a player runs out of HP then they will die and suffer several penalties.

  • Respawning at the last Undeathinator used. (If none are used then you will respawn back at the global spawn point: default sector 2,2,2)
  • Loss of Credits (default 10%)
  • Loss of Faction Points (only if you are in a faction)
  • Loss of inventory (Only if enabled via server configs)


There are two main ways to control our avatar, In Space or within gravity. In space, players are able to float in any direction without the need for any type of propulsion device however we cannot rotate side to side similar to ships. While in gravity we can run, walk, and jump. In either control schemes we are also able to sit on blocks and wedges.


All equipment in StarMade is divided into 3 categories: suit equipment, tools, and weapons. All players spawn with a Laser, Healing Beam, Power Supply Beam, Marker Beam, Helmet, and Flashlight. All equipment (except the Logbook) can be purchased.

Suit equipment:

  • Helmet - a purely aesthetic item, that when equipped in the hotbar, runs the animation of the player equipping it. Cost: 50,000 Energy Credits.


  • Laser Pistol - A fast-firing laser gun that deals damage upon a hit. Each one bought from a Shop is a random color. Cost: 100,000 Energy Credits.
  • Rocket Launcher - A slow-traveling projectile that deals a fair amount of damage upon a successful hit, but suffers from a long cooldown and splash damage. Cost: 1,000,000 Energy Credits; identical to the missile weapon system.
  • Sniper Rifle - A slow-firing laser gun with a long cooldown, but heavy damage. Cost: 500,000 Energy Credits.
  • Torch Beam - This weapon is used to slowly apply damage to a ship's core, ignoring shields and armor. Extremely useful if one manages to board a ship in astronaut mode. Cost: 100,000 Energy Credits.


  • Flashlight - Toggled on and off in the hotbar, shines a light in front of the player. Does not have to be held in order to be active. Cost: 3,000 Energy Credits.
  • Transporter Beacon - Can be used to teleport (albeit extremely slowly) to a preset transporter. Has a limited range. Cost: 100,000 Energy Credits.
  • Healing Beam - A short-ranged beam that can heal 5 Ship HP per second. Cost: 100,000 Energy Credits.
  • Power Supply Beam - A short-ranged beam that can provide 50 energy to a ship per second. Cost: 5,000 Energy Credits.
  • Marker Beam - Can be used to set up warp gates and race gates. For more information, see the respective wiki pages. Cost: 100,000 Energy Credits.
  • Grapple Beam - Fires a beam that allows you to grapple onto an object (a ship!) from a long distance. It doesn’t automatically reel you in (yet), but you will have time to get to the object before the grapple expires. This makes it possible to get on objects from a good distance and board them. Cost: 100,000 Energy Credits.
  • Build Inhibitor - This tool is turned on in the hotbar and prevents any building within a radius of 32 blocks. Useful for boarding. Cost: 1,000,000 Energy Credits.



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