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==Decorative Materials==
==Decorative Materials==
Dirt, ice, flowers.  Some cannot be used in production, some can.
Dirt, ice, flowers.  Some cannot be used in production, some can.
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Resources are items and blocks used to craft components for ships, stations and planetary facilities.

Raw resources may be salvaged or mined from planets, asteroids and derelict stations. Raw resources are not useful until processed in a Capsule Refinery or Micro Assembler. Processed resources can then be used as ingredients in production recipes, or as decorations.


In StarMade resources are vital for all production. Players in Starmade have three primary options for acquiring resources; mining, trade, or hunting pirates.

Raw Materials

There are twenty-four types of raw materials spread out between 3 categories: Ore, Crystal, and Asteroid Minerals. Each of which must be processed in a Capsule Refinery to obtain production materials used in most kinds of construction.

Raw Materials
Color Asteroid Minerals Ore Shard
TektTekt.png MacetMacet Ore Raw.png NocxNocx Shard Raw.png
DolomDolom.png SapsunSapsun Ore Raw.png ParseenParseen Shard Raw.png
CinnabarCinnabar.png ZercanerZercaner Ore Raw.png MattiseMattise Shard Raw.png
LarimarLarimar.png HylatHylat Ore Raw.png VaratVarat Shard Raw.png
LukrahLukrah.png ThrensThrens Ore Raw.png HattelHattel Shard Raw.png
VarisVaris.png FertikeenFertikeen Ore Raw.png BastynBastyn Shard Raw.png
SugilSugil.png SertiseSertise Ore Raw.png RammetRammet Shard Raw.png
ChabazChabaz.png JisperJisper Ore Raw.png SintyrSintyr Shard Raw.png


Scrap are the salvageable remains of abandoned Space Stations. When they spawn, Derelict Stations will be in a "Decayed" state. While in this state attempts to salvage its blocks will only yield special resources called Scrap Alloy and Scrap Composite. While useless on their own if you gather enough pieces of scrap then they can be used to form Alloyed Metal Mesh and Crystal Composite respectively.

Scrap Materials
Scrap Alloy Scrap Composite
Scrap Alloy.png Scrap Composite.png

Production Materials

Production materials are obtained by processing raw materials as described above. These materials are widely used in most other factory recipes, though they can also be used decoratively.

There are two general purpose production materials:

General Materials
Alloyed Metal Mesh Crystal Composite
Alloyed Metal Mesh.png Crystal Composite.png

There are 24 specialized production materials called capsules, each of which is also associated with a particular color and used in recipes which produce items of that color. See the table below for each material, asteroids it is commonly found on and also it's particular color.

Color Asteroid Minerals Ore Shard
TektTekt Capsule.png MacetMacet Capsule.png NocxNocx Capsule.png
DolomDolom Capsule.png SapsunSapsun Capsule.png ParseenParseen Capsule.png
CinnabarCinnabar Capsule.png ZercanerZercaner Capsule.png MattiseMattise Capsule.png
LarimarLarimar Capsule.png HylatHylat Capsule.png VaratVarat Capsule.png
LukrahLukrah Capsule.png ThrensThrens Capsule.png HattelHattel Capsule.png
VarisVaris Capsule.png FertikeenFertikeen Capsule.png BastynBastyn Capsule.png
SugilSugil Capsule.png SertiseSertise Capsule.png RammetRammet Capsule.png
ChabazChabaz Capsule.png JisperJisper Capsule.png SintyrSintyr Capsule.png

Decorative Materials

Dirt, ice, flowers. Some cannot be used in production, some can.


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